The unbuilt version of Dubai Metals & Commodities Centre was conceived by BBG-BBGM Architects for Nakheel developers from Dubai. Providing the focal point of an expansive man-made Jumeriah Lake, this 60-story mixed-use tower rises dramatically from the surface of the water. It was planned to house premium office spaces and a world-class luxury hotel in more than 100,000 square meters of space. The 7,700 square meter Diamond Exchange enjoyed a dramatic 90 meter clear span space at the base of the tower. Three levels of parking are provided in 44,000 square meters of space located below grade and below the water level of the lake. A shaft of clear and reflective glass is wrapped in a ribbon of spiraling metal screen that continues up to a crown gently dematerializing into a sheer stainless steel crown, creating a beautiful and contemporary building that evokes the energy and vitality of Dubai. ADG developed a structural steel-framed structure for the tower while the underwater base and the Diamond Exchange building were developed using reinforced concrete construction. Engineering as completed to the Design Development Phase.